Goa Wedding

Goa Weddings Legalities

Registration of Marriage

Marriages in Goa must be registered compulsorily. Only a civil registration of marriage in Goa is accepted as evidence of the marriage. The two parties will have to appear themselves or through their attorneys before the judge to get the order which allows them to get married in Goa. There have to be four witnesses present. Then the parties appear before the Civil Registrar who in turn will affix a Public Notice on the office, inviting objections if any, before 2 Sundays pass. This is known as the 'Edital Period'.

In case the parties are leaving Goa before the completion of the Edital Period, they have to move an application before the Assistant Public Prosecutor seeking the Waiving of the Edital Period. In case both the parties cannot stay for 2 Sundays, the Edital Period can be waived off by producing the flight tickets. If the Edital Period is waived off, the second signature is done on the same day or the next day and a provisional wedding certificated is issued to the parties. Original certificates can be obtained after 30 days which will be couriered to the couple. It generally takes 4-5 working days to complete these formalities.

Foreign Nationals & Non-Goans

Foreigners & Non Goans getting married in Goa would need to produce their Birth Certificates and their passports along with affidavit stating that there exists no legal impediment whatsoever for the two parties to get married in Goa. They will then have to apply to the court under Article 248 of the Civil Registration Code in the presence of 4 witnesses.

Documents / Formalities for Marriage Registration

  • Birth Certificates
  • Residence Certificates
  • Passports / Identity Proof
  • No Impediment Certificate
  • Witnesses

Wedding Planners - We Make Life Simple !

As your Wedding Planners, we are ever ready to assist you right through the Registration of your Marriage in Goa. Our solicitor prepares all the necessary documents for you and move it in the honorable court. We assist you right from obtaining the court order to getting the wedding certificates. We collect the original wedding certificate on your behalf and courier it to your address.

Please Note:

It is entirely up to the judge and His/her judgment to pass the order in favor or against the parties. It is highly unlikely for the judge to reject the case if proper documents are produced in the court. We have absolutely no control over the legal system in Goa. Sometimes, it may take 2-3 working days for the judge to take up the case.

At no given circumstances will we be held responsible for such delay or rejection of the case.
All legal issues are subject to Goa jurisdiction only.